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We do not sell direct to consumers!

Boca Pet: More than just cat toys!

For 35 years, we still make all of our Boca Pet cat toys by-hand-in-America-by-American-workers. Our cat toys are the basic toys cats have loved forever, most made with real fur or containing sound-making rattles. Our products are non-toxic and natural. Even our rattles are 100% real edible food! We do not sell on Amazon, Chewy, or to any online "only" retailer. We always have and always will sell exclusively to independent pet retailers. 

We only hire women who are disadvantaged and/or handicapped and just need a "break" in their lives to turn things around for them and their families. In 2019, we instituted our University Intern Work-Study Program wherein we bring in currently enrolled female college students to run our day-to-day business. This gives these young ladies an exciting opportunity to get real-life hands-on business work experience, get paid, and earn college credit.


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