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Over 1,000 pet retailers choose Boca Pet cat toys for their stores. Below are four reasons why many of our customers have been with us for 10 to 20 years:

Cat toys made-In-America!
Selling “American” is a great way to build customer loyalty
and to differentiate
your store from the big box chains and
Amazon! All of our cat toys are made-by-hand-in-America.

No minimum order!
We have no minimum order and we sell every item by the
piece.This means you can buy exactly what you need, when
you need it. There is no reason to tie-up your valuable cash
and display space with excess inventory!

Make more money!
Unlike other manufacturers, we do not sell on Amazon (or
to any on-line “only” retailer!) or to the big chains. Your
customers won’t find our products everywhere (like Kong)
and for less. This allows you to sell unique American-made
cat toys and make more money on each sale without looking
high priced!

FREE TOYS with every order!
We now give free toys with every order. Turn free toys into 2
or 3x wholesale cost with your markup and you get them free!




Free Toys with Every Order
BUY $100, GET $10 FREE TOYS!
BUY $200, GET $20 FREE TOYS!
BUY $300, GET $30 FREE TOYS!
BUY $400, GET $40 FREE TOYS!
BUY $500, GET $50 FREE TOYS!
The more you buy...
the more free stuff you get!!

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