About Boca Pet
Now in our 28th year, over 1,000 pet retailers (many have been with us 10 to 20 years!) choose Boca Pet “American-made” cat toys for their stores. We still make all of our cat toys by hand-in-America. We have no minimum order so you can buy what you need, when you need it. We do not sell on Amazon. And cats have loved our cat toys for decades!

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Denise and Larry Bryant, Co-Owners





Over 14 million sold!

        The Boca Rat
Proudly made-in-America with all-natural rabbit fur and leather. A favorite for over 25 years!

     The Boca Mrs. Rat
Meet Mrs. Rat. She comes with a bow and lipstick! Male cats love her!

For over 25 years, cat parents tell us our rat is their cat’s all-time favorite toy to play with. Here’s why: We make our rat with all-natural materials. Cats instinctively love to chase, play, rip, and cuddle with the smells and textures of the real rabbit fur and leather suede. Plus, we make each and every one of these little furry critters by-hand-in-America!

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